With our constant and ever-growing demand for oil and gas, it is no surprise that this particular industry continues to flourish. However, large oil companies frequently take advantage of their power and wealth to not only disregard regulations, but also devalue safety standards. 

When safety is ignored, workers face a much higher risk of suffering a traumatic – or even fatal – injury.

 The nature of work in the oil and gas industry combined with heavy machinery creates a greater possibility for severe accidents to happen. It takes the right attorney, one that is diligent with experience in the area of the oil and gas industry – like Ryan of the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis – to hold companies accountable for an oilfield accident.

 If you or a loved one have been the victim of an injury in an oilfield accident, avoid the suffering and burden of financial problems caused by physical pain and emotional trauma by contacting the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis today at (956) 686-9600 for a FREE legal consultation.

Who Is Responsible for My Oilfield Accident?  

Victims of oilfield injuries are generally curious about who can be held responsible for covering the cost of damages to aid in their recovery. In many scenarios of oilfield accidents, injuries occur as the result of a coworker, employer, or third-party.

In certain instances, victims of an oilfield accident may be able to secure workers’ compensation. As promising as this may seem, these funds may not be sufficient to cover all your medical charges, lost wages, and emotional suffering that can come out of a workplace accident.

If your employer does not offer workers’ compensation, you may be able to sue them for damages through a personal injury claim. 

Additionally, third parties that can be held legally responsible for your injury can include the manufacturers of parts and machinery, manufacturers of materials in the work environment that were toxic, subcontractors and contractors of the site, the owner of the property where the accident occurred, or other such outside parties.

What Compensation Am I Eligible to Receive?  

 Oilfield incidents can lead to injuries that, if detrimental, can keep you from doing your job or enjoying life the way you once had prior to the accident. It may even affect the relationships you wish to maintain with your loved ones. 

 Remember to keep records of all medical bills, medical documentation, and related expenses which can help to strengthen your claim. The rate of your pain, suffering, and distress also adds value to your claim. 

The oil and gas industry is vital to the global economy, but should not be prioritized over the health and safety of each individual worker.

 If you’ve been the victim of an oilfield accident in the state of Texas, the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis will ensure that you have all the information you need to secure the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Contact us at (956) 686-9600 today and let Ryan help you secure the money you need to recover.

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