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Accidents don’t just happen. There is usually a reason that causes the accident, such as a wet floor, faulty wiring, or the general carelessness of others. If you have been injured in an accident, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

How We Can Help

Don’t try to negotiate on your own with an insurance company. They are very good at manipulating your words and finding loopholes so that they only pay you as little as possible. Fortunately for you, we know how to fight the insurance companies. We will help you get back on your feet and get you what you need to recover from your injuries and subsequent expenses.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another person or a company, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. You need the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis. We will fight to make sure that you get what you deserve.

Contact us at (956) 686-9600 today for your free consultation, and let Ryan get you the money you need to recover from your general accident, whether you live in Mission, McAllen, Brownsville, Raymondville, the Rio Grande Valley, or anywhere else in South Texas.

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