Although the oil field industry is one of the biggest industries within the state of Texas that provides numerous job opportunities, the number of accidents involving workers and bystanders is alarmingly high.

While some may work hard in such extreme conditions due to the higher wages, the number of hazards employees can be exposed to may be severe for their long-term health. Potential injuries, on the other hand, can even be life-threatening, possibly putting oilfield workers out of work indefinitely depending on the severity of the injury.

Our McAllen oilfield accident attorney, Ryan of the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis, has years of experience when it comes to settling oilfield accidents caused by negligent parties. Today, he wants to give you better insight by answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding serious injuries sustained in an accident while on the job.

1. What Do I Do First If I Get Injured? 

The persons and parties in charge of overseeing oilfield operations carry enormous responsibilities in terms of following safety protocols and procedures; however, if they fail to provide a safe work environment and one of their employees gets injured, it is crucial that the employee notifies their employer about the accident immediately and seeks out medical attention. 

Medical personnel will evaluate how severe your injury is and will let you know how long you may be unable to work. They also may advise you on what to do next in terms of check-ups, medication, and other appropriate treatment or rehabilitation.

Following these orders will be an extremely crucial step to collecting the compensation you need to recover properly. After this, your employer will also ask you to fill out a worker’s compensation claim if applicable. 

2. What Do I Do If My Employer Doesn’t Carry Workers’ Compensation? 

The State of Texas does not require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees. These types of companies are known as “non-subscribers” and are required to follow strict reporting and disclosure agreements that enable them to provide some legal protection similar to workers’ compensation on their own.

If your employer does, in fact, offer workers’ compensation, you may be eligible to collect the benefits through that avenue. If you are denied, outright rejected, or your employer lacks workers’ compensation, you may be able to sue the employer if you suffered a significant injury due to their negligence. If that is the case, Ryan can guide you through your oilfield accident claim to get you the money you need to recuperate.

3. What Are Some of the Damages I’m Able to Recover?

If you file a lawsuit against your employer or a potential third-party that caused your injuries, it is crucial to contact the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis to help you recover some of the following damages:

4. What If My Injury Was Caused by a Third-Party?

In some instances, if some of your injuries were sustained as a result of a co-worker’s negligence, or even by the use of a defective tool/product, you may have a claim to file a suit against them or the manufacturer respectively.

5. I Got Terminated for Exercising My “Stop Working Authority”. What Do I Do Now?

If at any time an employee or a contract worker feels uncomfortable due to unsafe conditions or unprofessional behavior within the environment, they have the right to exercise their “Stop Working Authority” clause.

If for any reason you get fired because your employer decided to retaliate, you are able to file what is known as a “wrongful termination” claim. You should not have to be terminated due to exercising your rights as a contract worker as that is one of the most unlawful actions an employer can take.

6. Why Should Ryan C. Solis Take On My Case?

If you or someone you know has been severely injured while on the job in the oilfields, contacting Ryan, our McAllen oilfield accident attorney, is a beneficial option to gaining the money you need to put this whole ordeal behind you.

Ryan understands the risk of devastating accidents that oilfield workers put themselves into every day and will not let these big oilfield companies negligently bully their workers into silence.

Contact the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis at (956) 686-9600 for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.

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