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Construction Law

The construction business and the laws affecting it can be complex. Construction business owners, service vendors, workers, and all others involved in the industry can face serious setbacks and losses when contracts go bad. 

When your construction project goes awry and you end up facing legal issues, you will need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can effectively represent you.  

At the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis, PLLC, we offer guidance on various components of construction law, including, mechanics liens and bonds, reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial construction contracts, resolving legal disputes, and providing quality legal guidance regarding various aspects of construction law. 

The McAllen construction law attorney, Ryan C. Solis, makes sure your best interests are always considered. Trust that you will have the legal protection you need in the event that an issue should arise. 

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Negotiation and Drafting Services

Prior to beginning a project, contracts must be created by negotiating terms and drafting an agreement. A qualified attorney can help a client fully understand the terms of the contract so that they can successfully work within those rules; so that the client can best protect themselves; and so that the client can protect themselves from making a mistake that can lead to a lawsuit.

Negotiation and drafting services we can provide include: 

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Time is money in the construction industry. Projects are time-sensitive tasks that can be costly if obstacles emerge. Construction company owners and others involved in the industry must be able to understand and abide by the contracts they sign. The language in these documents can be either a weapon or a tool used to maximize productivity.

Failure to properly execute a contract is a frequent cause of disputes. A construction attorney works to help clients review the documents and clear up any confusion to eliminate errors or missteps.

With years of experience in reviewing and creating contracts for commercial construction companies, trust that our assistance can improve productivity while prioritizing your company’s needs.

Planning and Approvals

In order to begin a construction project, a company must gain approval from designated entities. Whether initiating building plans or some other use of a property, all projects must be taken up with specific government agencies. An experienced attorney will make sure that you have submitted the right paperwork to the right agencies so that you can get your project started – and finished – on time. 

Liens and Bonds

Troubles with payment between business owners, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other parties frequently occur in construction. Payment for services rendered is essential to your cash flow and can lead to greater financial problems when another party fails to hold up their end of the bargain. 

If you have not been compensated for the work or services you have delivered, you have a right to protect yourself and your company by filing a lien on the subject property or filing a bond claim. 

Mechanic Liens

A lien is a claim made against a party in the progression of a construction project. Mechanic liens are used in residential and commercial projects. Liens are generally used as a means to ensure that the responsible party pays for services rendered.

Mechanic’s liens must be filed timly to ensure your right to recover.  At the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis, PLLC, our construction law attorney aims to secure all funds you are owed. The mechanics lien filing process can be difficult, but Ryan will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed. 

Bond Claims 

Whether your company is doing construction for a municipality or at the state level, bond claims serve to fund government building projects. Bond claims are surety claims. In the case that your claim should be denied, or payment for construction falls through, seek the legal services of an experienced construction attorney to file a lawsuit for your money.

Dispute Resolution 

It can be frustrating to have a legal dispute arise after you have placed extra emphasis on carefully planning and managing your project. Know that our McAllen construction attorney will provide individualized attention to ensure that your needs are met and will work diligently to get you the best outcome. 

After studying the case and learning all facts and issues, we consult with our clients regarding the best plan to resolve the matter.  Lets face it: contractors make money being in the office, at the jobsite, or developing contacts, not by being in court or meeting with attorneys.  We let our clients know if a presuit mediation would be fruitful or if it would be better to immediately file suit.  

Some of the claims that we handle include: 

Construction Defects

Not all construction plans go as planned. When mistakes occur, proper procedures must be taken to limit legal liability. Sometimes errors in construction are beyond the company’s control. However, our law firm does not want your company to suffer a bad reputation over such an incident. Ryan can help protect your rights should you be the defendant or plaintiff in a claim regarding a construction defect. 

Delays or Scheduling issues

The timeline for construction is not always set in stone. However, construction companies may be subject to liquidated damages for delays. This is not a desirable situation. If some unexpected circumstances pushed back the date of your project’s completion, seek the help of a construction dispute attorney. 

Breach of Contract

There are non-material and material breaches of contract in construction law. Non-material breaches are also considered a “minor breach” and include less serious errors made in construction. 

Material breaches, or a total breach, is much more serious. Such a breach could include failure to abide by a significant standard which can result in a functionality issue. 

Change Orders

Change Orders can be a contractor’s nightmare.  Most contracts direct that a contractor must not do any additional work without a written change order.  On the site, however, is a different story. Many times contractors are forced to do the additional work only to be told that the issue will be resolved later in writing.  Anyone in the construction industry knows that the process is not that simple.  

Change Orders can be for payment or additional days.  We understand how to protect your rights and make sure that you and your company well-represented regarding changed or additional work.  

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Although many contractual issues and disputes can be resolved, sometimes it is necessary to take your case to court. With his extensive knowledge and skill, know that your case will be handled professionally by McAllen attorney, Ryan C. Solis. 

The scope of construction litigation is complex, but Ryan is here to answer your questions and protect your rights. Trust that he will successfully handle your legal situation with precision and tenacity so you focus on running your business. 

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